VCAC Alumni

We are overwhelmingly proud of our VCAC alumni, and the various paths to success that they’ve taken after the Corps. In a recent poll, over 60% of alums replied to share their salary information. View the results of our recent survey.

Many college advisers begin graduate school following their VCAC service. Below is a sampling of institutions where advisers have enrolled for graduate and professional study:

College of William and Mary
Columbia University
George Washington University
Georgia State University
Harvard University
Indiana University
Loyola University
Michigan State University
New York University
Penn State
Smith College
University of Georgia

University of Maryland
University of Miami
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
University of Oregon
University of Texas – Austin
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech
Yale University

Alumni Profiles

Dominique Baker, VCAC alumni

Dominique Baker

Assistant Professor
Southern Methodist University
George Washington High School, 2008-2009
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Danville City

Being a college adviser taught me the practical realities of the challenges facing low-income and first-generation college students and I’ve used that knowledge in my current career as an assistant professor of education policy at Southern Methodist University.

Asasi Francois-Ashbrook, VCAC alumni

Asasi Francois-Ashbrook

Senior Consultant
Bassett High School, 2011-2013
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Henry County

VCAC helped me to become a leader and develop the interpersonal skills that are crucial to succeed in the workplace.  Today I have developed a robust professional network due to the values of empathy, active listening, and a strong motivational environment that I learned through College Advising Corps.

Being a college adviser taught me the importance of setting goals and how to think strategically to achieve those goals. I’ve used those skills in my current career as a Management Consultant to help my clients plan for the future and advance their vision for their organization. It also helped me to be goal-oriented and forward-thinking in my own personal and professional life.

Tracey Grimm, VCAC Alumni

Tracey Grimm

College Counselor
Lincoln School, Costa Rica
Louisa County High School, 2006-2008
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Louisa County

Because of my adviser experience, I realized what amazing work school counselors do every day. When I was an undergraduate, I thought that the only way into education was teaching, but College Advising Corps broadened my scope and led me into a career I love!

Today, I am a school and college counselor serving students and families in San Jose, Costa Rica. Four years ago, I began my life abroad as a school counselor in Caracas, Venezuela, and I plan to continue my career abroad in the future. In every job interview, because of my two years of college and career advising VCAC, I am at a distinct advantage to other school counselors seeking work abroad. Without my VCAC experience, I wouldn't be living the dream in tropical paradise!

Amber Hamilton, VCAC alumni

Amber Hamilton

Assistant Director for Student Transition Programs
Office for Inclusive Excellence, Slippery Rock University
Dan River and Tunstall High Schools, 2013-2015
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Pittsylvania County

As a college adviser, I gained exceptional communication and event planning skills from planning and presenting at educational workshops. VCAC also taught me patience and time-management skills, working with high school students, staff, and parents at two different high schools. In my current role I use my interpersonal skills, which I gained as a college adviser, to connect one-on-one with students and assist them with their needs based on their personal challenges. I truly value my experience in VCAC, and because of it, I am confident in my abilities as a professional.

Rebecca Hawes. VCAC alumni

Rebecca Hawes

Faculty Services Coordinator
School of Law, University of Virginia
Nelson County High School, 2014-2016
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Nelson County

Serving with the Virginia College Advising Corps truly prepared me to succeed in any professional setting.  Working closely with everyone from students to administrators gave me a great sense of how to present myself professionally in the workplace, even though I am often the youngest person in the room. I also grew to love my students more than I ever knew I could!

Christina Mattaliano, VCAC alumni

Christina Mattaliano

Admission Counselor
University of Virginia
Magna Vista High School, 2013-2015
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Henry County

Being a college adviser taught me not only the ins and outs of the college admissions process, but how to connect with students and families from all walks of life. I use that knowledge and those skills in my current career as an Admission Counselor for the University of Virginia. With my experience as a college adviser I can help bring both sides of the desk together, helping high school counselors and those in higher education continue to work towards college access for all.

Valerie Morini, VCAC alumni

Valerie Morini

Head of Business Support
Wells Fargo Securities
William Monroe High School, 2007-2008
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Greene County

If you believe in what you’re doing, and you believe you're helping to provide a better life or experience to even just one person, it's much easier to dig deeper to do more, give more, and be more.  My time in VCAC helped me to really connect that human aspect to work and inspired me to live up to the same commitment, drive, and resilience that so many of the students were forced to recognize at a much younger age. Resilience is a critical component in being able to work in different groups and deal with adversity.  Every day in my job presents a unique challenge that requires resilience and logic to maintain a level mindset and stay the course to accomplish any goal.  Outside of my day job I also own and operate several small fitness boutique studios, and apply the same principals and effort to not only managing personnel and clients as we did as advisers, but also in time and basic stress management. 

Not everyone is going to have the same goals, and not every job is going to be the same, but the basic commitment, resilience, and need for human understanding remains, and will be the strongest pillar of success for individuals and organizations.

Reshaud Rich, VCAC Alumni

Reshaud Rich

Regional Manager
GEAR UP Virginia, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Charlottesville City High School, 2010-2012
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Charlottesville

My time in the Virginia College Advising Corps helped me to find my passion, purpose, and vocational calling.  Today I am determined to make a difference in the lives of others.  Being a college adviser taught me how to walk "with grace", and I’ve used that knowledge in my current career of college access to build relationships and be diplomatic in my partnerships.  I would never have become a SCHEV employee without being a college adviser because that's how I met my current supervisor.

Christine Marie Q. Turner, VCAC alumni

Christine Marie Q. Turner

School Counselor
Augusta County Public Schools
George Washington High School, 2012-2014
District Served As a VCAC Adviser: Danville City

I was privileged to have school counselors help me throughout my formative years in middle and high school, and as a school counselor today, I aspire to help students achieve academic, personal, and vocational success for life.  My time in VCAC helped me to have greater empathy and understanding of student needs.  It also taught me how to expand my comfort zone and to take better care of myself. I learned soon enough that I cannot pour from an empty cup, that I can't save the entire world, and that self-care is important - all of which have helped me in my current career. I feel like I am able to have a healthy work-life balance, and I am happier because of these College Advising experiences.