Our Supporters

We cannot serve our students and communities without the generous support of our sponsors.  Local sponsors make the difference in our ability to place a College Adviser in a certain district.  We deeply thank the foundations, corporations, and individuals who make our impact possible:

VCAC Supporters

We would like to give an additional thank you to our individual supporters:
Robert Allen
Alexi Andres
Margaret Baird
Leah & Jeron Baker
Bill & Randy Baskerville
Jimmy Bishop
Mark Chinn
Mike and Mary Chinn
Grayson Chinn
Ally Clement
Nick Duke Sr.
Bryan Eckstein
Danny Eckstein
Sterling Elmore
Margaret & Jacob Feldman
Asasi Francois-Ashbrook
Todd Gardner
Muscoe Garnett
Theresa Gentile
Bizz Glover
Tracey Grimm
Amber Hamilton
Amber Hamilton
Rebecca Hawes
Sue Hester
Om Jahagirdar
Dreama & Marc Johnson
Rebecca Lystash
Meghan Madler
Angela Mahan
Christina Mattaliano
Katherine McKnew
Liz Menter
Sachi Moreno
Thomas Nachbar
Jack & Ellie Patteson
Jill Pritzker
Jeffrey Pugh
Karen Reifenberger
Keith Roots
Lindsey Rosenthal
Marta Ruggles
Daniel Ryan
Lyons Sanchezconcha
Brendan & Carrie Sepulveda
Lisa Smith
Lucy Gordon Smith
Mimi Steele
Chip Taliaferro
Devin Underhill
Tonyette White
Edmund Wilson
Thurman Winfrey
Robin Yeh