Our Supporters

We cannot serve our students and communities without the generous support of our sponsors.  Local sponsors make the difference in our ability to place a College Adviser in a certain district.  We deeply thank the foundations, corporations, and individuals who make our impact possible:

VCAC Supporters

We would like to give an additional thank you to our individual supporters:
Robert Allen
Alexi Andres
Margaret Baird
Leah & Jeron Baker
Bill & Randy Baskerville
Jimmy Bishop
Gardy Bloemers
Claire Buisseret
Grayson Chinn
Mark Chinn
Mike and Mary Chinn
Ally Clement
Elizabeth Daley
Connie Dawes
Taylor Dowd
Nick Duke Sr.
Bryan Eckstein
Danny Eckstein
Sterling Elmore
Margaret & Jacob Feldman
Asasi Francois-Ashbrook
Todd Gardner
Muscoe Garnett
Theresa Gentile
Bizz Glover
Tracey Grimm
Amber Hamilton
Amber Hamilton
Sarah Elaine Hart
Rebecca Hawes
Sue Hester
Om Jahagirdar
Dreama & Marc Johnson
James Kennedy
Julie Kusnerik
Rebecca Lystash
Meghan Madler
Angela Mahan
Christina Mattaliano
Katherine McKnew
Liz Menter
Sachi Moreno
Thomas Nachbar
Jack & Ellie Patteson
Jill Pritzker
Jeffrey Pugh
Karen Reifenberger
Keith Roots
Lindsey Rosenthal
Marta Ruggles
Daniel Ryan
Lyons Sanchezconcha
Brendan & Carrie Sepulveda
Lisa Smith
Lucy Gordon Smith
Willeen Smith
Mimi Steele
Chip Taliaferro
Tiffany Thai
Devin Underhill
Tonyette White
Edmund Wilson
Thurman Winfrey
Robin Yeh