Meet The College Advisers

Juli Abbot, VCAC Adviser

Juli Abbott

Clas 2019 | Sociology
Patrick County

Being a college adviser means I'm that go-to person whenever a student has questions about higher education. It means being there to listen and support the student in whatever path they want to take. My role is to have the resources and knowledge to provide students with the information they need to weigh all their options and make the right choice for them.

Madison Allen, VCAC Adviser

Madison Allen

CLAS 2020 | General Spanish studying language, culture, and literature
Caroline County

Attending a college or university is very beneficial in the long run, but applying, getting in, and paying for college is a long and complicated process. I hope to make that process easier for my students and their families so that they can enjoy the transition between high school and college. I want students to feel like they can celebrate their accomplishments more than stress over application to-do lists.

Jordan Arnold, VCAC Adviser

Jordan Arnold

CLAS 2019 | Economics and Political & Social Thought
Covington City

Being a College Adviser means that I get to work with students directly to address inequity in the college-going process. I get to help work towards a meaningful goal: that all students, especially first-income, low-income, and traditionally underrepresented students, have the same chance to go to school as anyone else.

Lee Berstein, VCAC Adviser

Lee Bernstein

CLAS 2020 | Economics and Politics (American Government focus) and a minor in Education Policy
Rappahannock County

VCAC gives me an opportunity to have on the ground experience. I'm hoping that this experience helps to shape and create a more knowledgeable background to reflect on when it comes to work on public policy.

Leah Brooks, VCAC Adviser

Leah Brooks

CLAS 2019 | Youth and Social Innovation and Psychology
Pittsylvania County

I applied to VCAC because I want more students to know that, regardless of their situation and where they come from, reaching their goals for life after high school is possible. I was served by an adviser in high school and it was that kind of support that others gave me that pushed me to where I am today. I want to be that source of support for my students as they prepare for graduation.

Marissa Bryant, VCAC Adviser

Marissa Bryant

CLAS 2019 | Criminology and Human Services
Henry County

I wanted to be able to help students in the area that I am from be prepared for one of the biggest steps of their lives. I feel that this position has taught me a lot about myself and myself as a professional. I am proud to be able to work for an amazing corps. I can make a difference in my students lives. Whether that be them just having someone to talk to or being the person that walks them through such a difficult decision and helps them succeed.

Ben Buell, VCAC Adviser

Ben Buell

CLAS 2019 | Global Security and Justice & History
Greene County

I applied to the Virginia College Advising Corps because I believe that improving access to post secondary education is a crucial element in combating inequality in America. For many low-income students, a college degree is the ticket to the middle class. This program provides a rare opportunity to enact generational change, encouraging students to chase their dreams while improving the lives of families for decades to come.

Raleigh Christian,VCAC Adviser

Raleigh Christian

CLAS 2019 | Political Science with a focus in Legal Studies
Louisa County

A lot of students don't have someone else to turn to in times of need or uncertainty.  I want to be that person for them.  As a college adviser, I can pave the way for many young, underprivileged people to find higher education on their path.

madison Coleman, VCAC Adviser

Madison Coleman

CLAS 2020 | Government and Secondary Education
Wise County

Being a College Advisor to me, means being a resource to students that I didn't have when applying to colleges. The college application process can be extremely stressful, so I plan on being the listening ear students can use to ask questions, voice concerns, and share their victories with. Hopefully this will make the process a little less stressful and more enjoyable for my students.