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Margaret Montague Feldman Margaret Montague Feldman
CLAS 2012
Double major: Religious Studies and Studio Art – Photography
T.C. Williams High School

I was inspired to become a part of VCAC because I want to care for students holistically in their pursuit of higher education – providing both resources and encouragement through the College Advising Corps' "near-peer" mentoring model.  I love having the opportunity to sit down with students and talk to them about their dreams, and I believe in the power of education to instill a sense of hope in youth by providing them with the resources to envision a better future.

Brittany Everett Brittany Everett
CLAS 2013
Sociology and English
Buckingham County High School

Being a college adviser means providing the resources for students to explore their potential in post-secondary education.

Staige Davis Staige Davis
Charlottesville High School

As a tutor of children from inner-city schools in Richmond, VA, I was struck the number of bright students who passed by chances to attend the best public high schools in our area, simply because no one in their community encouraged them to do so.  That experience taught me that intellectual ability is rarely the primary roadblock to academic success.  The non-academic barriers to education only grow larger in the transition from high school to college.  My primary goal is to help students and their families see these barriers not as dead-end streets, but as surmountable challenges.

Fiona Charles Fiona Charles
African-American Studies & Sociology
Fluvanna County High School

My own personal experiences have lead me to understand that higher education can alter the trajectory of an individual’s life. I believe in VCAC’s mission to aid students in their quest to pursue higher education. As a corps member I hope to see an improvement in the college going culture in my respective area. Personally, I believe my involvement will allow me to further understand the intricacies of admission processes and higher education.

Emily Loranger Emily Loranger
CLAS 2013
William Monroe High School

Going to college has helped me understand what I want to do in this world and how I can most effectively do that. I applied because I had an unconventional path through college and I want to show other students there are various ways to access higher education that best fit their needs.

Erica Elder Erica Elder
CLAS 2013
Bassett High School

I applied to the VCAC because I was personally affected by the program.  I want to give hope to these students who feel like they cannot succeed.

Christina Mattaliano Christina Mattaliano
CLAS 2013
Masters in Education in Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education
Magna Vista High School

Being a College Advisor means being a resource and a guide for students. Someone that they can feel comfortable talking to and can trust; but also, I hope, someone who is a role model of sorts. Being an advisor to me means being a supportive means of inspiration; a person who helps others realize their potential and helps them to achieve it whether its going off to a 4 year institution, community college, trade school or entering the workforce.

Chelsey White Chelsey White
CLAS 2012
Urban and Environmental Planning and African-American and African Studies (AAS)
Louisa County High School

Being a College Adviser means being a guiding light for students as they navigate their path to four-year and two-year secondary education.

Tonyette White Tonyette White
Psychology and Sociology
Martinsville High School

Being a college adviser means that I can truly coach and mentor students through this important stage of their lives.

Photo of Colin Williams, VCAC Adviser Colin Williams
CLASS 2015
Government and African-American Studies, Minor in History

I serve as a College Adviser because I believe that the students I work with are capable of achieving at the next level of education and realize their lifelong dreams. They just need that little push, and I hope my own successes, along with the resources at my disposal, will motivate them to forge ahead in their pursuits.

Alanna Rivera Alanna Rivera
Double major in Spanish and English
Orange County High School

As an adviser, I will constantly navigate a grey area between a student and teacher, because I’m close to the students’ age, but I have already been through college. I hope that I become someone who students feel comfortable confiding in, sharing their hopes and dreams, and I hope that as a result I can help them start to realize these dreams.

Amber Hamilton Amber Hamilton
CLAS 2013
Linguistics with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language
Dan River High School
Tunstall High School

To me, being a College Adviser means being the first step to changing the world. One day students are seeking help from a College Adviser on how to apply for college and scholarships, then the next they are in your office waving a college acceptance letter or the ticket to a brighter future (as I call it). Students receive a good start from the College Adviser and ultimately go on to college and changing the world!

Pittsylvania County
Alex Johnston Alex Johnston
CLAS 2013
Double Major: Sociology and Women, Gender and Sexuality
Chatham High School
Gretna High School

Being a College Adviser means helping students realize and reach their potential. I am excited to work closely with students to encourage college as a viable option for them, no matter their circumstances.

Pittsylvania County
Shakye Jones Shakye Jones
CLAS 2014
Major: Foreign Affairs and African American Studies, Minor: African Studies minor
Armstrong High School

My journey to college was facilitated by the organizations I joined outside of school. I was allotted the opportunity to visit many colleges and universities beginning in the eighth grade that broadened my horizon about post high school graduation plans. I am one of few underrepresented low-income students who had the support network of a high school college counselor and high school community that provided me with the necessary resources needed to conquer the college application process. I believe in VCAC's mission to help students with their post secondary endeavors. As a 2014-2015 Coprs member I plan to further that mission and help students recognize their potential, pursue post secondary education and eventually shed light on other students in need of near peer motivation.

Richmond City
Gabrielle Long Gabrielle Long
CLAS 2014
Double Major: Foreign Affairs & African-American Studies
Huguenot High School

I was fortunate to have a large support system of family and friends throughout the college application process.  I chose to be a college adviser because as an adviser I will be able to be that extra in-school resource for students navigating the process to post-secondary education.  I am excited to help guide and mentor these students during this critical stage in their lives.

Richmond City